Missionary Programs

“The Church of the Poor is one that will be in solidarity with the poor. It will collaborate with the poor themselves and with others to lift up the poor from their poverty.”—PCP 11.130
A. Peasant Advocacy Work
Includes encouraging church people and the broader public to effectively support the cause of the rural poor such as:
  • Organizing friends of the rural poor
  • Education and trainings
  • Campaigns
  • Rural integration and solidarity work
  • Networking, linkages and alliances
  • Research and documentation
  • Publications
 B. Peasant Organizing Support Program
  • organizing the rural poor 
  • conducting capability-building activities 
  • educating and training peasants in organic and sustainable farming
  • programs to increase production
  • extending support services to the organized communities such as livelihood projects, literacy and numeracy, legal and medical assistance, scholarship and emergency relief assistance
C. Rural Poor Women’s Apostolate
Especially established to address the vulnerability of women and respond to the increasing political violence committed against them and their organizations in the rural areas of Northern Mindanao, it includes:
  • Monitoring and documenting cases of human rights violations against peasant women and children, especially in situations of armed conflict
  • Providing security, legal, and medical services to women human rights defenders at risk, and psycho-social services to children-victims of militarization
  • Gender-sensitive humanitarian response to peasant women-victims of war and displacement
  • Security briefings and capacity-building activities to organizations of women human rights defenders from among the rural communities