'Ila-Ila Lumad' Program


What is ‘Ila-ila[1]Lumad?

It is an interfaith exposure program to Lumad communities for religious leaders, members of the academe, students, professionals and other sectors who wish to know more about the Lumad of Mindanao. The participants will be acquainted with the daily life of the Lumads through a minimum of 15-day exposure program.

The program will offer the program enrolee an opportunity to join the host community’s daily production activities, engage the community members in discussions on land and other issues in the locality, and witness the rich cultural traditions of the Lumad. The exposure will show the simple living of the Lumad, which is in contrast to the violence they are faced with upon the entry of ‘development’ projects that are supposed to uplift their lives.

The experiences of the participants will be processed at the end of the exposure program through an evaluation with the community and the assigned religious or lay member of RMP-NMR who will serve as their exposure director.

How to enroll?

1. E-mail your intention to enrol in the program. Be sure to include your name, age, gender, ethnicity/nationality, and contact details. State your exposure objectives, and include two references that we may contact to verify your intention.

2. The program in-charge will then get in touch with you for other program details and logistical requirements. Please note that you will be asked to sign a waiver, which will state that you are physically fit and medically cleared to undertake the exposure program. The program will not take responsibility for consequences that might arise from undisclosed medical conditions of the enrolee.

Is the program free of charge?

The program will cover limited costs for very modest food and accommodation before and after the exposure proper. Throughout the duration of the exposure proper, community members will house the enrolees. Enrolees are encouraged to partake with the food that will be offered by their host families. Enrolees will shoulder their own transportation expenses.

What is RMP-NMR expecting in return?

In the future, the individuals who have undergone the exposure program will be invited as reactors, as resource persons or to give testimonies about their experiences in living with Lumad communities in any forum concerning indigenous peoples’ rights in schools, churches and wherever possible.

Avail of the program, contact:


‘Ila-ila Lumad’ Program

Healing the Hurt Project

c/o Rural Missionaries of the Philippines

Northern Mindanao Sub-Region (RMP-NMR) Inc

T/F: +63 (63) 223 5179

E: advocacies@rmp-nmr.org

[1] ‘Ila-ila’ is a local term for ‘getting-to-know’


You may download the program brochure below.


PDF icon ILA-ILA LUMAD brochure.pdf1.81 MB